About SPE Consulting

SPE Consulting is an end-to-end business consultancy, offering top-tier services to small and mid-sized companies.​

SPE Consulting was founded in 2013, with the goal of making expensive, top-tier business consulting available to small and mid-sized companies. Whether your organization is new and growing, or already comfortably established, SPE can help identify the pain points and opportunities specific to your situation, then drive toward a profitable solution.

What's in a name?

The firm takes its name from the three major phases of any project: strategy, planning, and execution.

  • You begin by developing a strategy; a big-picture direction based on the organization and its environment.

  • Then you lay out tactical steps in the planning phase; specific goals and the stages of implementation.

  • Finally you execution the plan to fulfil the strategy, adapting to changes both inside and out of the organization.

Our Values

Organization-specific solutions: Organizations deserve more than a strategic framework and a formula template. That is why we build every solution from scratch, to address the individual situation and needs of each client.

End-to-end service: We approach every client engagement as a holistic process, building a comprehensive solution from beginning to end. SPE travels through the implementation alongside the client, rather than pushing the responsibility on to another organization.

Collaboration: Success in group-dynamics requires something more than simple teamwork. We engage in close, regular contact between SPE and our clients, fully transparent processes, and respectfully-direct communication, to drive results as a cohesive unit. ​

Redundancy: At SPE, we believe that You should never pay for the same thing twice. Through the development of tools, decision-making heuristics, and training, we strive to empower our clients so they can tackle similar problems in-house.

No solution, no pay: We are committed to finding solutions to our clients' problems. Our progressive fee structure is linked to mutually-agreed-upon performance benchmarks and milestones, so you'll never end up paying SPE just to sit around in your office making fancy presentations. If we don't deliver, you don't pay!